I believe we all have it in us... the only thing that separates us is our belief that we can do it.

i work in advertising as President of The Republic and in music as a partner in OWND.

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where is the world going?

this simple question is on the mind of every CEO, every politician, every leader in every industry… and every parent.

my job is to define where the world is going for our clients… we future forecast and design their sustainability ecosystem.

and in every instance we believe deeper… more meaningful relationships are possible between business and society.

my personal theory is grounded simply in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. it doesn’t require any complication… no psychology… and to me… no proof.  to me it’s almost fact.

here is my thought:

because most of us have advanced as a society in a way that we enjoy life void of concern over our physiological requirements… 

because most of us have solutions in so many areas that permit a life spent worrying less about safety… we have more capacity for deeper thinking.

the simply fact that technology has all but managed or eradicated these bottom 2 levels… more of us are spending time exploring love, esteem and self- actualization.

call me jaded… call me ignorant… call me a dreamer… i don’t care what you call me…

I believe that our future generation… our children of today… they won’t ever worry about physiological needs or safety… as they will help each other… they will bind together like no generation ever before… and in the words of Lorde in her track TEAM.. i say

"i’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there… i’m kinda older than i was when i revelled without a care, so there…"

I believe… our future is bright with people who live a deeper… more meaningful life. they won’t "wave their hands in the air like they don’t care…" they will stand up… tall.. strong and beside each other… and live.

this spot… is incredible.

tell me… what you do you think the future holds?

Only a few of you will understand what this means.. And for those who do.. I want you to know how incredible it feels to #payitforward

This post is not about me.. It’s about the 2 families I was able to help bring together by donating my points… And for context… 62,000 points is a small TV. I don’t watch TV.. But I will watch 2 families unite!

So excited and thankful to be a part of it!!

#live #aeroplan #thisis3C #illneedtissues

Why do clients always think agency people are kissing ass? Oh wait.. Because so many do! Be #authentic! Be #genuine. #loveyourclient #thisis3C

Wishing I could share this presentation.. I’m so proud of the collaboration between client & #3C and all of the impressive thought that has gone into this! #loveyourclient #thisis3C

Focused on the hustle of design.. This brilliant mind is finalizing the look of #3C #comingsoon #thisis3C

The concept of product development for a specific target has been forever changed by #apple. Companies who design for life, regardless of age or income, will build our future. “Everything in life was made up by people no smarter than you” #stevejobs #legend

So true..

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Thank you so much @joyoushealth for your contribution to me being auctioned off at #loveaheart

To the lady who bids the most.. Joy has donated her new book, her fabulous Body Butter and a one on one nutrition consultation with her!

And this is just day 2! Just wait until you see what tomorrow will bring….

I will also be posting a pic of the incredible @jessicajensenofficial clutch tomorrow!

To the lady who wins me at #LoveAheart I have a gift for you.. And it includes a few things.. I’ll tell you what the are offer the next few days ;)

Because I want you to feel and look amazing on our date.. I asked a good friend and incredible designer @jessicajensenofficial for advice on what to get you.. And she of course said.. “Oh she will need something fabulous to carry her personals in…” So… Jessica I thank you for your contribution to my dates gift… Thank you!!! She will LOVE it…!

So…. I’m being auctioned off on Feb 13th for #loveaheart and as a countdown to it I’ll be posting 1 (cheesy) selfie and a little fact about me, each day, with the hopes that some of you ladies might be tempted enough to raise some good money for The Heart and Stroke Foundation and bid on me..

Fact: I can tango, salsa, bachata, merengue and… Well… More ;) all thanks to my amazing instructor @tarakoppikar

Google #loveaheart for more info

"…as an artist …once I have my constraints… I have my freedoms…" I love this conversation…

Every decision you make communicates the brand… #familyrestaurant #bringyourkids

I LOVE my new #iloveugly watch from #fancy and @aplusk what an awesome piece…


My mantra. 

Always stay curious…

Ask questions…


And never settle for obvious answer.

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it does feel good…

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